Sunday, January 06, 2013

A Few Things to Consider

Stifling Speech and Expression On Campus ... Wall Street Journal Interview
College campus activists have ... over the years been violently opposed to any efforts by administrations to restrict their activities or use of college facilities to promote THEIR causes.
However ... it seems that now we have college Administrations that are inflicted with total moral cowardice when it comes to dissenting views to the predominately leftist ideology of these so called campus "progressives". After decades of being  browbeaten by the proponents of political correctness there is no will or ability in admistration offices to use rational measure or common sense. The concept of an "even hand" is long gone in this age of conformity brought about by feminists and marxist ideologues.

Manufacturing False Controversy ... Post Media News Spin
It would be a real pleasure to see this as an exception rather than the rule in our world of modern media. The Mainstream Media ... the MSM ... however ... lack the capacity or the will to provide factual background to stories and for the most part rely on the false narrative in hopes of being able to use a story ... any story ... to create a self sustaining cycle. Faux controversy...
A fine example of this is the current "news" reporting on a publicity stunt by a disgraced native band chief. Theresa Spence of the Attawapiskat reserve in NW Ontario first hit the news about three years ago after her mismanagement of the community resources led to failure of the water treatment plant. Apparently ... hockey rinks, satellite TV and Zambonies are higher priorities than safe drinking water and properly maintained housing. But Spence easily manipulated a willing MSM into making the story not about HER failures. After booting a federal auditor off the reserve and blaming the prime minister of Canada for her problems ... the PR savy Spence set up a media stunt by demanding to have personal consultation with the PM. The PM rightly refused to do so, and the stunt escalated to her setting up a quaint little teepee camp on an island in the Ottawa River (conveniently close to the capital media and photo op seeking pols). Combined with a claimed "hunger strike" (actually more of a self imposed diet of fish soup) the event became a successful rallying point for all the usual attention seeking members of the political left and lazy media shills. While Spence actually leaves the little island emcampment to spend nights at a local Ottawa hotel ... the woman who consumes more than 10% of the band's taxpayer subsidy... who owns a Cadilac SUV worth over $80 thousand on a patch of dirt that has about one mile of road... who lives in a million dollar house and enriches her friends at the expense of the citizens of the community she is supposed to be responsible for ... continues to be lionized by MSM dumbasses.
And so we are TOLD by these self appointed moral and intellectual superiors that we are all completely wrong for judging Theresa Spence and her like as parasites.

The Indian Victimhood Industry
It ought to be blatantly obvious to all and it seems to be more commonly understood that the situation of failure in "native communities" is a failure of their own leadership. The status quo for the chiefs and managers in most native communities is that THEY get to decide how the money that comes from Canadian taxpayers gets spent. For the most part they are all too willing to hold on to this unaccountable source of power and personal wealth at any cost. The cost... not being to themselves but rather to the communities they are supposed to lead. Keeping the ordinary resident in the dark and feeding the fears and prejudices of those under their feifdoms is all part of the game.

As the Canadian Government introduces legislation to make the accountability of band leaders and managers a matter of law it makes some of us scratch our heads in wonder .... as to HOW exactly it came to be that these petty dictators and autocrats were ever allowed to be above the law!

Of course as soon as such clarity in law becomes a threat to the cosy little life of privilege enjoyed by many native leaders we see a "popular" protest emerge. Hardly a spontaneous movement... "Idle No More" is the initiative of the AFN chiefs and nothing more than another publicity stunt.
Again the MSM plays a willing role in this fraud.


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