Saturday, January 19, 2013

Break the Liberal Narrative

Well Erik at NoPasaran  has been reading and also has some intelligent observations on things like the actual historical facts of race relations in America.

The Liberal narrative    Has always been a wilful reconstruction of facts. In short nothing but lies and revisionism intended to shape opinion in support of a belief system that denies any possibility of good and greatness in our history.

One of the favorite themes of liberal revisionism is that race relations in  America have never been anything but a nightmare of violence and oppression ... perpetrated by racist whites against blacks.
According to popular "knowledge" (aka the Hollywood version of history) ... pretty much all of America south of and west of Virginia constituted a hell hole  of racial segregation enforced by privileged whites and their sweaty red necked cousins. Black people were hanging from trees all over the "south" and women and children were brutalized every where and all the time. Right?

Of course the "marches" and the marchers in the days of Alabama protest were ALL subject to overt threats and violence as well. We "know" this because ... well just because that's what the reporters and the subsequent writers of books and producers of movies told us. Right?

Thanks to the popularity of this "idea" there is seldom any critical thought given to examining the reality.

Time to tell some of the clowns in our popular media to get an education or just STFU.

Enough is enough.



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