Saturday, January 05, 2013

On the Home Front ... Continued

Fighting back against media shitheads...... UPDATES ...

After receiving a strong response or "blowback" to their efforts to demonize and endanger law abiding citizens in New York state, the Journal News have decided to hire armed security to cover office and their sorry asses from the consequences. I did not read anywhere that they had received actual threats from anyone. And... given that they are supposed to be a news publisher ... you might think that such things as threats would make an actual "story". It seems however that the Journal News ( are less interested in providing news or information than they are in muck raking and hiding themselves from public scrutiny. Stupid ... Stupid ... Stupid....

Continue the Calumny
After a week of getting bashed in public the Journal News decided that rather than show contrition for a reckless and unethical act of such proportion that they should instead "double down" by releasing still more data to the Google Map locator they built. In fact, it looks like they are about to sue one municipality for refusing to release the personal data of that community.  (more on that developing Putnam County battle to come...)

Liberal Legislature Looking to Change Their Tune
The state legislature is looking into legislation to end the public identification of firearms permit holders. The New York State County Clerks Association, said all 62 counties in the state are supporting the state legislation to amend the law that makes gun permit holder information public.

Criminals Targetting Potential Victims
In the interim ... Prison Guards are being threatened by convicts who have had information handed to them on a silver platter by the Journal's calumny. Police officers are receiving the same treatment from criminals.

Get Your Guns
In addition... some residents of the region are feeling the need to go GET A GUN permit so they will not be identified as defenseless homes to be targetted by criminals. Although ... I suspect that the maps will NOT be updated to reflect any new data and most of the permit applicants will not likely go out and purchase firearms to defend their homes. The point is that they are WORRIED about being targets.

Who ARE Legal Gun Permit Holders?
Funny how legal gun permit holders often have legitimate reasons for feeling the need to be able to defend themselves! Victims of crime, people who have been threatened by lunatics and criminals, current and former law enforcement officials, current and former military personnel... all being treated like registered sex offenders by the editors of  the Journal News. All being put at risk.

Legal Insurrection Summarizes ....

Naming Names ...

Like Dwight R. Worley ... so called "calumnist" for the Lower Hudson Valley Journal. Who thought it would be fun and games to ride the anti-gun campaign by compiling and publishing a list of ALL legal registered gun owners in the Greater NYC area.

Ironically .... "Journal News reporter Dwight R. Worley owns a Smith & Wesson 686 .357 Magnum and has had a residence permit in New York City for that weapon since February 2011"

His personal information DID NOT appear in the article he created.

Not to worry though ... so long as is on the job.




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