Sunday, March 24, 2013

Canadian Taxpayers Forced to Subsidize Anti- Israel Propaganda

It is not news to Canadians that the state funded CBC is unashamedly biased in its liberal / left view of the world. Never mind the blatant hatred expressed by CBC producers and on air staff for Canada's conservative citizens and in particular the politicians we support. The CBC has no problem with petty displays of intolerance and downright ignorance with regard to those who do not share their left wing views. And yet, feel entitled to demand the financial support of all Canadian taxpayers.

When it comes to reporting on international news however there is a special sort of journalistic malfeasance that this taxpayer funded media outlet is prone to.

In matters of Israel and middle east security the CBC regularly distorts and even fabricates reporting to put the state of Israel in a bad light. The current PR expedition be US president Obama has provided a perfect example of the bias and outright ignorance of the CBC news staff and its producers.

False Claims of Vandalism in Israel ...

In the reporting of the POTUS visit the CBC aired video of a street lined with posters showing Obamas face painted over with red X's. The problem is that the CBC claimed this was from the location of their on the scene report (Jerusalem) and they claimed that this vandalism was perpetrated by Israelis.

Both of these claims by the CBC are patently false.

The pictures used were from a street in the West Bank and there is no evidence to support the assertion that the vandalism was perpetrated by anyone other than the Palestinian Arabs of Ramallah.

**Further investigation shows these posters to be signs put up in Ramallah by the Arabs.**

Yes it is a small and petty thing. But that is what the CBC represents to  Canada and the world.

The problem is that we are forced to fund this propaganda through a $1.4 billion annual tax subsidy.


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