Friday, March 08, 2013

Closed Mind?

Well yeah! Besides the obvious failure of all so called progressive policies to do anything but cause harm to our society, there is nothing quite so obvious of the iron trap of ideology that modern liberals have clamped onto the vestiges of their brains.

The modern left are empty of all reason and all morality. And man without reason or morality is nothing but decaying flesh.

Anyway ... The Intelligent Sultan

Update .... The reason there are so many useless conservatives is that there are so many ... Uninformed and Misguided Conservatives 

Better known as RINOs to most .... I think they're just too stupid to know how stupid they really are. For the sake of brevity I'll just say that Daniel Greenfield had it absolutely right when he scolds all the dummies who back Rand Paul's idiot conspiracy mania. And for all the dummies out there who call themselves "Libertarian" .... being a libertarian requires the capacity for critical and rational thought. When you follow freakshow conspiracy propaganda like the Pauls you have failed that requirement.

There is no point in stopping there because there are dyed in the wool RINOs like McCain and Graham who think their own agenda is morally superior to the freakshow of fake Libertarianism. They are not and they do themselves and their party no favours by criticizing the Pauls for the wrong reasons.
Rand and Ron are both useful idiots to the left who work to undermine the strength of  their enemies.  Their enemies ARE true conservatives and the heart and soul of America. They have no use for things that makes America or Americans strong and seek to foment discontent and division.

Not that McCain or his fellow RINO travelers are much better. It is only a matter of degree between actively facilitating the efforts of the left to destroy our society and merely caving in to the bastards.

Let's not forget also that we in Canada have  our own versions of this moral and ideological perversion in the body of Fake Conservatives .... Red Tories and CINO frauds who infest our political body like cancer. They, just like their American counterparts are perfectly prepared to abet the criminals of the left in their efforts to destroy our freedoms and steal out wealth.



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