Friday, March 29, 2013

Sending a Message to UN Parasites

Like most things that the UN involves itself in the  Convention on Combat Desertification spent 80% of the resources provided on the bureaucratic administration of the programs. The disposition of the remaining 20%  is mostly unaccounted for.

The important thing about our Canadian government getting out of this sort of boondoggle has little to do withe the $350,000 that Canadian Taxpayers have been contributing since 1995 (thanks to the Chretien Liberals). The fact is, that as a matter of principle Canadians should not be forced to feed the UN without question. Simply because past governments have been blindly willing to sign on to this sort of ill conceived initiative is no reason to keep doing it.

In reality this presents a larger opportunity for Canada and any other UN member states who are actually paying the freight for this organization, to take a sober look at the entire scope of participation in the activities of the UN.

The UN operates by extracting funding from productive member states to subsidize the participation of unproductive member states. The pool of money is managed (to use the term loosely) by an ever growing host of bureaucrats who come from the member states. Once the bureaucrats are established the principles of organizational behaviour take over.

Each and every one of the he subsidiary organs of the General Assembly are divided into boards, commissions, committees, councils, panels, working groups and "other" unspecified groups.

Each and every one of these groups employs bureaucrats and uses funds provided by member states and not one of these bureaucracies is held accountable for actual results beyond establishing a budget and spending money. Which brings us to the "programs" that receive what is left over after the 80% bureaucratic "skim". The end recipients of money and resources that find their way through  the UN filter may be local groups that actually use the resources or distribute goods and services to real people who may be the intended beneficiaries of the programs. Or not.

The bureaucratic self justification that is the main tool of  these UN organs is not impenetrable. All it takes is to cut off the funding and our Canadian Government has taken a step in the right direction by leaving ONE of the many such UN groups.

I am proud to be a Canadian with a government that will stand up to the parasites of the UN.



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