Friday, May 17, 2013

Keystone Cops and Clowns In the Media

Last week there was a passing story about a gun battle that ensued when Gatineau police raided a bush party.

Let's be clear ... the entire media establishment repeated the STORY that the Gatineau police were in a  GUN BATTLE with unknown persons during the course of that raid.

Ahem ... it turns out that the "gun battle" consisted of a lone female officer shooting herself in the leg.

Honest ... someone really did shoot me!

Police spent hours questioning over 30 people who were at the party. At the hospital, doctors became suspicious of the officer’s story when they discovered the bullet was fired down into her leg. Police checked the officer’s gun and, surprise surprise, they found one bullet missing from the magazine.
The Gatineau Police Department released a vague statement on the matter, saying they could not “confirm or deny” any details about the story. Referring to the self-inflicted shot, a police spokesperson said the department is “looking at the possibility that she did that to herself.”
The officer is in the hospital waiting to have a minor surgery performed on the wound. She was said to still be in “shock” and was unavailable for any interviews or comments. Although police haven’t concluded their investigation, you’ve got to think this unlucky officer has some disciplinary action coming her way. 

Not surprisingly ... the actual facts have received far less attention in the follow up to this prat fall performed by the Gatineau police and the Canadian news media.

What was it that Mike Duffy did before he became a senator? Oh yeah! ... he was a reporter.


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