Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Best Minds ...

Daniel Greenfield  .....

Has a thoughtful reflection on the state of generational points of view.

The one thing that gave me hope for my generation was our cynicism. We might not believe in anything, but at least we wouldn't believe in everything. We might be apathetic, but that just meant it was harder to enlist us in causes. We didn't just march to the beat of our own drummer, we questioned the need for having a drummer and a beat. We were burnt out on everything and done with it all.
Of course it wasn't really like that.

Your darned right it wasn't.

The collapse of America is largely a failure of education. Not the education of the behemoth systems which transmit the latest politically correct nostrums from degenerate academics drunk on their own theorizing at the hands of incompetents with Master's Degrees and union entitlements, but the passing of values from one generation to the next.

Not just the one thing but altogether.....



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