Monday, June 03, 2013

A Continuing Indictment of a Social Disease

NO!  Not sexually transmitted viruses, bacteria or parasites...

We are talking about the debilitating effects of the Nurse Nanny Culture.

Spare the Risk ... Spoil the Child

Indeed ... not just institutions such as schools and overreaching governments ... but parents and their offspring who have bought into the culture of risk elimination. Having wandered sheep like into the false security of a fools illusion that promises to make a better world by breeding dependent cowards and keeping them from growing into actual adults.

Emboldened by the soothing promises of the politically correct to save us all from the sin of being 'Politically Incorrect' ... the effeminate society can't even bring itself to acknowledge the downside of raising children to behave as impotent cattle.

Not only are these future adults far from ever achieving a true and full maturity of mind and spirit, many will never be capable of doing so.

From the ranks of the Baby Boomers with the blessing of feminists, 'progressives' and perverts ... for all of us the consequences of passivity as a moral imperative.

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.” ... Confucious. 

My corollary to this quote is: The end of wisdom is to be unable to call things by their proper name.


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