Thursday, June 27, 2013

Conrad Black ... Still A Big Fish

Too bad for the Canadian Association of Journalists ......

Self Righteous Myth Makers


The organization maintains an online group-posting system called CAJ-lists, by which members may bring something to the attention of the whole membership via email

“Conrad Black’s bankrupt company Hollinger Canadian Publishing holdings owes me $166,000 in pension and benefits. I will not see the money, because in 2012 Hollinger transferred its pension and benefit funds to a U.S. affiliate, to pay Black’s debt to the US Internal Revenue Service. 2,300 Canadians are affected by this problem. Conrad Black MUST be removed from the Order of Canada.” The message came from one David Pinto.

  His allegations against me are as I described them in a reply to the CAJ-List for posting as a reply: “Every word and every letter of every word of the allegations in the assertions are false.” (I was quoting Maurice Duplessis, but could as easily and accurately have quoted Mary McCarthy’s famous reply to a criticism of her by Lillian Hellman: “Every word of it is false including ‘the’ and ‘a.’”)

While most reporters simply do their jobs, the profession’s self-appointed moral leaders ululate about rights, duties, and the perfectly informed society...

The CAJ should make a plausible effort to uphold the principles it claims to espouse, or else dissolve itself...

I hope Mr, Black (Lord Black) has these twerps guts for garters.



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