Sunday, June 16, 2013

Home Improvements

Well ... you might know how things go when it comes to home improvements ... or not. This is how things go when you (I) think that there is a easy little job to do.

Step 1 - Take an inventory of the stuff you need. Check what you have on hand and make a list of things to get.
Step 2 - Go to the closest hardware store. Find out they are just under new management and haven't got their inventory or computer system figured out yet. They also do not have the exact thing you want.
Step 3 - Go to the next .... and the next and the next hardware stores ... find out that they all are not stocking the exact thing you want.
Step 4 - Go back to the first store and get the one thing you need even though it is not the exact thing you planned to get. Buy a new BBQ too.

Step 5 - Go home set up the BBQ.
Step 6 - Start the job that was supposed to take less than ONE hour.
Step 7 - Discover every sort of unexpected problem possible ... go back to store for more stuff.
Step 8 - Tell wife and 20 something daughter that there is NO water.
Step 9 - Fix problems .... test job ... find leaks ... fix.
Step 10 - Find out that half the taps in the house have hot and cold reversed.
Step 11 - Go cook steaks .... eat .. watch golf ...
Step 12 - Go back and finish job in the amount of time the whole thing should have taken.

Call it a successful day ....



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