Friday, June 14, 2013


Weasel .... is the first impression I had of Dalton McGuinty.

Nothing that I have learned about him in the last 10 years has done anything BUT reinforce that opinion.

Self Satisfied Silence is how Kelly McParland describes the atmosphere that the former Ontario Premier has immersed himself within. I am inclined to think smgugly retreating from the public eye. The only thing missing is the punkish lifting of a middle finger to the people of Ontario who he so completely but-reamed for those 10 years.

Basically a poster boy for the self serving self righteous and totally destructive liberal progressive.

Jean Chretien  actually had policies that worked and made sense (at one time). Dalton McGuinty did NOTHING but pander for support from left wing and destructive special interests.

Serial liar and abuser of the pubic trust, the politician McGuinty (who just happens to have a brother of the same ilk in the federal arena) was once described as Political Personality of the Year 2006 by some writer for a British financial publication (who was obviously hard up for something to write about)... a story which McGuinty supporters were happy to promote ... while Weasel Face himself sat back and basked with that same smug self satisfaction.

Dalton McGuinty is a mediocrity that was never going to accomplish anything useful. His record is the proof of that.

Slink away weasel.



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