Saturday, June 01, 2013

What Hope for Future With A Generation of Non-Contributors

One thing to worry about for those of us with children in this world. Their generation is not one that embraces competence or productive work.

A battle that I have fought for the last 20 years or so is the struggle to undo the negative influence of the education system along with the self righteous complacency of the "boomers" and their offspring.

The ill founded idea that the simple act of trying to do something is good enough and merits reward and praise has been a constant obstacle to teaching the concepts and merits of hard work and reward.

Among other things that have been made unpopular by the past and current cadre of social engineers:
  • Intellectual curiosity (as opposed to having a desire for entertainment)
  • Strength of character (as opposed to needing the approval of others)
  • Courage (as opposed to deferring to the whims and ideas of others)
  • Earned sense of self worth (as opposed to undeserved sense of entitlement)
  • Pride (as opposed to the self aggrandizing sort of self importance that comes from being praised for no good reason or envied for any reason)
  • Ability (as opposed to the assumption that one might be able to do something if they simply wanted to)
  • The Desire to do and make concrete and useful things.
All this because it became fashionable a few decades ago to believe that only people would stop being competitive and if only children could be shielded from all those nasty and unpleasant experiences and the consequences ... then they would all grow up so much NICER.

Sippican Cottage explains how this actually does not work ..... and identifies some of the consequences.




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