Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Droll Tweeter

  "If Obama had a city, it would look like Detroit."

Mark Steyn:

Given their respective starting points, one has to conclude that Detroit's Democratic party makes a far more comprehensive wrecking crew than Emperor Bokassa ever did. No bombs, no invasions, no civil war, just "liberal" "progressive" politics day in, day out. Americans sigh and say, "Oh, well, Detroit's an 'outlier.'" It's an outlier only in the sense that it happened here first. The same malign alliance between a corrupt political class, rapacious public-sector unions, and an ever more swollen army of welfare dependents has been adopted in the formally Golden State of California, and in large part by the Obama administration, whose priorities -- "health" "care" "reform," "immigration" "reform" -- are determined by the same elite/union/dependency axis. As one droll tweeter put it, "If Obama had a city, it would look like Detroit."

HT =  Small Dead Animals

Progressives = Liberal, Dippers and Red Tories (see Alison Redford)....

The ONLY hope for the future lies with principled conservatives and it is absolutely necessary that we raise our children to see past the insidious lies of the left.



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