Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The US Government

Has the morals of a high school test cheat.

There is a government body in the US called the Bureau of Economic Analysis ... BEA, whose job it is to monitor and report on the status of the national economy so that the public and their servants in government can effectively look out for the economic well being of all.

In theory, the BEA reports should be the most comprehensive, up to date and accurate financial analysis available.

In practice, the BEA has become and ever more compliant tool for politicians in Washington.

In fact, this has never been more blatant than in the tenure of the current administration.

Now it looks like the Bureau of Economic Analysis has volunteered to create a "bell curve" of sorts so the government can grade itself up from an F to a possible D.

Rewriting the entire economic history of the USA

The BEA has decided that because they want to start tracking such things as R&D investment and pension liabilities, it should be adjusted in all the records going back to 1929.

Some analysts are claiming that the net effect will be inflate the GDP statistics for the last 84 years by 5%. Never mind the fact that since these data were never actually recorded until recently, there are NO supporting facts to cover the bulk of that time line. This means of course that they will be using adjustments and projections to create the supposed supporting data.
Do not forget that this is going to be used in addition to the already selective reporting of jobs and unemployment, hiring, debt and spending data that are routinely being adjusted to paint a more benign picture of the state of economic affairs in the USA.

The Democrats, defending their occupation of the White House and their abuse of the reigns of power in the USA, have coopted a number of federal administrations through the use of presidential appointments where OBAMA inserts incompetent but trusted and willing accomplices to implement his political agenda through the abuse of these government services.
The list of  agencies that have been corrupted by the current administration include the USDA, Bureau of Land Management, EPA, NASA, Homeland Security, NSA, ICE, the IRS and the DOJ. And let's not forget the Federal Reserve Bank.
Now we can add the BEA to the alphabet soup of compliant bureaucracies.

Just like the Trudeau Liberals coopted the federal government to serve their political purposes in Canada, so the Democrats and their stooge in the White House are using the servants of the public to their own political ends.



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