Friday, August 16, 2013

Ezra Levant Exposes Protestors

For what they  are.

A bunch of useless people and    Ignorant Clowns   who are full time members of the Protest Club.

Over the years, I have held the opinion that the sort of people who show up for for protests seldom if ever have any real interest in the actual matter they are agitated about.

While many are convinced or are trying to convince (read mainstream media) us all that the sight of so many "concerned" citizens making these public displays is an honest expression of that concern.

Instead they are simply a cast of actors who make themselves available for public display at every opportunity. A group of publicity whores, attention seeking low lifes and neurotics who feed of the attention. useful tools for agitators and conspirators whose intent is disruption of our peaceful and prosperous society.




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