Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mission Accomplished

New escape mechanism ....

Update: After the first day of riding ( rather about two hours ) I am reminded of a few things.

1- These old bones do not like being forced into unfamiliar positions and old reflexes can be both a blessing and a problem.
2- Riding around town in traffic is no fun at all.
3- All riding gear is a compromise. Jackets are either too hot or not protective enough. Gloves are a necessary nuisance. The right footwear is hard to find. Modern helmets are WAY better than the best ones I used to have.
4- Riding is still a great way to clear the head.

The Hayabusa can be a real handful in low speed maneuvers and I don't yet have the "feel" for quick turns and steering. On the upside the "Beauty" runs long and strong on the highway.




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