Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Where Once Were Giants Among Mankind ...

 We now are left with a Germany that has no intellect, vision or balls.

To be fair ... it is the product of the fever  swamp imaginations of  the German press ....

It was as if the United States had intruded on Merkel’s version of Germany’s perfectworld, described by a columnist in the newspaper Bild as selling cars everywhere while the Americans do the dirty work. In reality, close contact between American and German intelligence services, involving shared surveillance programs and equipment, has deepened since the start of the Schröder chancellery in 1998.
John Kornblum, a former U.S. ambassador to Germany, offered this frame of reference: “Factual and unemotional are rarely used words used the characterize discussions within Germany society. Germany has yet to rebuild a foundation of self-confidence which makes it possible to view challenges as tasks rather than emotional crises.”

The next emotional outburst against America is probably just around the corner,” he said.


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