Thursday, October 31, 2013

If You are a Liberal ... Do Not DARE to Step Out of Line

The Suzanne Somers story ...

I'm not a big fan of Suzanne or her holistic health (my interpretation) campaign, or self help books, or self styled health gurus and alternative medicine advocates.

The fact that a Hollywood celebrity latches onto these things and makes a career and business out of promoting their own point of view means nothing to me and unless you subscribe to the thinking they are promoting ... should mean nothing to you either. When it comes to comments and public statements on politics or anything else of actual importance you can count on the usual empty headed (usually liberal) repetition of their pet quips gleaned from others of their own ilk. In total their "thoughts" tend to form a continual loop of repeated and vacuous words that bounce about in the  empty headed and self important and USELESS cadre of celebrities and performers. You can be sure as well that the primary motivation of these cretins is attention seeking and ego padding.

So what to make of Suzanne Somers and her essay published in the Wall Street  Journal?

Suzanne Somers, the loveable darling of TV’s Three’s Company and more recently, a controversial advocate for alternative medicine, got a lot of flack about her Wall Street Journal column published Monday denouncing The Affordable Care Act as “socialized medicine.” The Journal offered a lengthy correction of her most egregious errors, but even that couldn’t stop the pile-on from reporters criticizing her numerous, dubious claims about the Canadian health-care system and the effects of Obamacare on seniors.

Well ... here's the thing that gets me. Suzanne has a business that she has built and she WORKS to make a living doing something that she believes in. What she thinks or what she wrote can be reasonably debated in terms of substance or fact. But that is not what her new found critics have done! NO SIR ... what here critics did was to rush to ridicule her without any facts to back themselves up.

Now why would all of these liberal media types get so riled up about one of their own?

I'm pretty sure that it's all about the fact that she went against the standard position of liberals on the topic of the Affordable Care Act.

If her essay had somehow found that Obamacare would be helpful and contribute to her crusade for better living through healthy living, nutrition and alternative medical practices then I am sure the other liberals would have been singing her praises. In any case ... Suzanne has a certain pluck that I respect her for.

I grew up in an America where individual beliefs were respected. Both sides of the aisle worked together because there was a common vision.  As Americans you could dream big. I was an abused child with a big dream. As I hid in the closet night after night escaping the violence, I visualized a time where I could be on a big stage. I saw it. I dreamt it. And because I was an American, I worked hard and achieved my goal. I now live a life filled with love and happiness.

I hope for all Americans that we can return to a time where we all can dream big and accomplish good together.

From The Daily Beast



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