Sunday, October 06, 2013

Projects and Other People's Manuals

For about 2 years I've been helping a friend with a restoration project. The subject is a 1960 (ish) Honda C100 Cub that came to us in very - very - very bad shape.

After stripping the little machine down we ended up with a useable frame and a gas tank (surprising) that we could strip and restore. The motor was not damaged and I was able to get the top end rebuilt and the rest of the mill and transmission refreshed.

I replaced or refurbished every nut and bolt on the Honda and polished everything that could be polished.

We were able to source all the parts we needed through online resources and managed to have a complete motorcycle by spring this year.

All that remained was to install the new wire harness and hook things up.


My original plan was to just rewire manually and keep the electrical works simple, with a few mods for the sake of reliability and serviceability.
 However, my friend (who actually is in charge of the project) had found a new replacement harness and bought it. Turns out though that harness was not an exact replacement. So, a few adjustments were needed and some extra time double checking connections and making sure the extra wires were actually extra.

Pretty simple stuff really .... BUT ....  for weeks now I have been knocking my head against a wall of non-functioning electrical circuits. Fork ME .... This is baby stuff! I'd look at the diagrams and I'd check the wiring over and over ... still no joy. I could tell there was something in the electrical schematic that was missing ... but how the heck could I find something that is NOT there?

So ... today I go do some research on Honda C100 electrical diagrams and what do I find?

I find that ... the manual we have been using was copied (reproduced) from a combination of old and original resources. The problem is that whoever did the electrical schematic left out several pieces.

Now second guessing every bit of the assembly.




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