Friday, November 29, 2013

Barbarians Versus Civilization

Beer was there in the beginning ... the growing of grain crops allowed people a place to settle and to build a world better than that of the rootless followers of livestock. From the growing of grains came the desire for permanent shelter. From permanent shelter came the creation of stable society. From stable society came the opportunity for industry and trade. From industry and trade came the opportunity for prosperity and security. In all of this it was those first fermented grains that gave some measure of pleasure to be enjoyed by all.

Unfortunately ... civilization has not eradicated barbarism ...
 Nigeria ... Islamic Police Destroy Beer ...

They hate beer because it represents all that is good in civilization and places their own barbarism in the light of reason. Barbarians and savages ...

Proof Positive that We live in a Superior and Advanced Civilization!

The Birth of Beer
I know of beer's birth:
from hop beer was born.
Hop, Merry-making's child,
put in the ground when small,
like a viper, ploughed in,
like a nettle, thrown in,
on the banks of Osma's field,
down by Kaleva's well.
From it a sprout could rise,
Upwards, a green shoot,
on the bank of Osma's field,
down by Kaleva's well;
rose up on a tiny tree
towards the top it climbed.
So hop called out from the tree,
barley from the field-bank,
water from Kaleva's well:
"When shall we get together,
when will we meet each other:
at Christmas, at All Saints,
or not till Easter,
or this very day?
If only this very day"
From there at once they came together
and came to one another.
A wagtail carried water
all the fleeting summer's day,
a red bird chopped wood,
a tomtit brewed beer.
Well the tomtit knew it,
good at brewing beer,
but did not know the name.
A cat spoke up from the hearth
a puss declared from the bench:
"Beer is the right name,
a good drink for the well-bred,
bad for those who've drunk a lot;
it makes the well-bred merry,
but makes the mad fight."
The tomtit, the little bird,
and the sparrow of small means
invited many strangers
to a drinking of the beer;
good was the drink for the well-bred,
bad for those who drank a lot:
it put the mad in a whirl,
the half-wits in a frenzy.
The tomtit, the little bird,
and the sparrow of small means
could not stay at home,
had to flee to the forest.

The invention of Beer actually did save the world from barbarism! Cradle of Civilization

A reposting from about 6 years ago.



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