Thursday, November 21, 2013


Warning! I apologise  for the link to the insipid story at the National Post ... but that's where I found this little nugget. When will he quit?

Toronto Chief of Police  Bill Blair - When I'm Finished

Finished what exactly?

Bill Blair should be FIRED for using his position to influence public affairs.

Yeah I'm talking about the putrid matter of Mayor Rob Ford. So what?

If anyone ... ANYONE ... out there thinks that it is proper or even legal for police to release information about ongoing criminal investigations and name the subjects of those investigations without having made any charges, then it should happen to you.

There is more shit in the city of Toronto than the clown show at city hall and a lot of it is in the offices of the police service. Especially on the "... burnt rose high back, angled before a coffee table on which the latest crime statistics sit..."

Blair who is a hard line opponent of legal gun ownership was responsible for sending out squads of armed goons to force their way into the homes of dozens of legal gun owners in the city under the pretense of public safety. This was done under the auspices of a totally invalid statute passed by the former left wing mayor of the city David Miller.

Blair was also responsible for the incompetent security actions during the G20 event in 2010.
The Toronto police stood around and watched as armed thugs vandalized and destroyed property at the outset of the protests. They followed this up over the next few days by assaulting and arresting ordinary citizens instead of the organized protesters.

Any one of these failings should have resulted in his firing ... so far nothing has.

So just what is it that this power tripping political activist, posing a  law enforcement official, wants to "finish"?



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