Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Open and Tolerant

Here's some hope and change Chicago Style ....

Insurance Commissioner Fired After Criticizing Obama Changes

William White was fired from his job as D.C.'s insurance commissioner one day after he questioned the president's proposed healthcare fix ...

White  said on Friday, one of the mayor's top deputies called White into his office and told him he was being let go. "The only thing I was told was that the mayor wanted to go in a different direction and my services were no longer needed,” White said in a telephone interview. "I was asked to leave on Friday and I did."
When asked if he thought his firing was directly linked to his statement on healthcare, White replied, "Anyone who looks at this can draw their own conclusions. My statement came out on Thursday and by Friday [at] 4:15, I was out."

And that's the Chicago Way ...




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