Monday, December 23, 2013

Piling On in the Twitter-verse

The recent flap about Justine Sacco has taken a strange turn. It seems that certain people in the media are offended more by the fact that the social media crowd were so quick to jump on the "bash Justine" bandwagon and that her employer was so quick to fire her.

Just to put this in context ...

  • Justine Sacco was a Public Relations director for a web hosting business.
  • She is supposed to know how electronic media works and should have known better than to pull a juvenile stunt like that.
  • Regardless of her intentions, Justine's twitter comments were not only stupid, they were completely uncalled for, unnecessary, unprofessional and obviously an embarrassment to her employer.

  • Her employer HAD to fire her for all of those reasons.

ALL of this is quite regardless of what the social media jackals did to propagate the incident.

Of course there is a certain morbid fascination (like the proverbial train wreck) of seeing something like this unfold. Social media followers knew she was toast while she was still in the air and were waiting for the inevitable to unfold once the plane landed. But, I find this sudden concern by MSM types to make her a victim very comical .... I've seen quite few examples of these "Moral and Intellectual Superiors" broadcasting their mental excrement in the same way. Perhaps they are just a little concerned about something like this happening to themselves?

Of course if she was Canadian ... she might try claiming that she had been "cyber bullied"




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