Monday, December 09, 2013

They Need A "P" In That Acronym

 MSNBC ... the long standing joke and prima facie example for liberal media bias needs to add a letter to that alphabet soup moniker.

With a long history of on air psychotic rants and surreptitious social media brain farts (as if "brains" are actually involved)  from their various cast of virulent anti-conservative propagandists, the cable news network has produced a LOT of repugnant, ignorant and just plain crazy garbage.

Reviewing only the last few weeks we have the incidents of  Alec Baldwin's racist, sexist, anti-semetic and homophobic rants (strange how those liberals can usually get away with the same shit they love to smear others) leading to his dismissal. But I'm sure they'll have him back after things cool off.

How about that Martin Bashir stating that he wished to see someone shit in Sarah Palin's mouth? Fired! We'll see when and where he resurfaces.

Let's not forget the incessant slobbering love affair of Chris Mathews for all things Obama and hate  on for anything and anyone who questions the Chicago Jesus? Just yesterday the creep was embracing Al Sharpton ... both literally and in the spirit of slandering the GOP as worse than "apartheid" supporters.

But the best of the best and the reason we need a capitol "P" in MSNBC has got to be Melisa Harris-Perry. Perry went on an on-air rant in which she determines that the use of Obama's name is in fact RACIST ... so long as you are not given implicit permission by being a) Black or b) Liberal.

You see, it is all a conspiracy of "Rich White Men" that put the Obama in Obamacare. And that makes you a racist ... so SHUT UP because the anointed one is greater than you.

Click on the link and watch the video ... read the text ... discover the Psychopathy that passes for reason at PMSNBC.

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