Friday, December 27, 2013

Wait a Second ...

The Chinese have ICE BREAKERS?

Chinese icebreaker stuck in ice trying to reach Russian eco-tourist ship

Man ... the punchlines just keep on coming!
The group on the Russian Ship are a bunch of Brit and Ausi eco-weenies accompanied by media clowns.
According to them the purpose of the trip is to "Repeat environmental observations" from 1911.

Well maybe NOBODY at all has been observing anything at all for the last 103 years ...

Oh .... BTW ... it is SUMMER in the Antarctic.

Whoopsie .... Looks like a record year for sea ice in the Antarctic ....

In other news ... 

Alexandre Paul, a Canadian Greenpeace activist who was part of a group detained by Russia for more than three months, arrived back in Montreal Friday to a tearful welcome from his parents and supporters.

Cracks me up ....



Anonymous dymphna said...

And after he'd had a chance to rest up, they took him in for an IQ test.

1/03/2014 11:07 p.m.  

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