Thursday, February 13, 2014

The CSA Likes Doing Business in the Country Club Style

Can you say "Culture of Entitlement" ?

Clubbing for Standards Across America

Let’s say that you’ve got a choice of two options.  First, you could “coordinate the efforts of producers and others for the improvement and standardization of engineering materials.”  Or, second, you could “play a round on our world class golf course.”  Which would you rather?

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) tends to locate their offices beside golf courses.  In Tennessee, they’re located beside the Bluegrass Yacht and Country Club.

Actually, the CSA did the same thing in Chicago.  There, the CSA office is 3 minutes from the Hinsdale Golf Club.  What is Hinsdale?
Well, Hinsdale is a very prestigious, and very old, private golf and country club.  Its nice, its rated 4 stars by Golf Digest.  “Founded in 1898, the Club’s amenities include a traditional 18-hole golf course, a swimming pool, clay tennis courts, a new paddle tennis facility, skeet shooting in the winter and a stately Tudor-style clubhouse.”  

Obviously, “the standardization of engineering materials” can only really happen in a “Tudor-style clubhouse.”
If Hinsdale isn’t swish enough for CSA executives, they can always drive just down the road, a distance of less than one minute, to the Willowcrest Golf Club.  Its nice too, its “on the property of the Oakbrook Hills Marriott Resort.”
In all, there are 15 golf courses within 15 minutes of the front door of CSA’s Chicago office.  In contrast, the industrial area of Chicago is a half-hour drive away, at interstate speeds.  Its the same in Tennessee, the CSA is located where golf courses abound, but the business district is 27 minutes away, again by interstate.
International offices are supposedly needed for “the coordination” of engineering standards.  So why would CSA locate their offices in recreation areas rather than industrial areas?
Well, would you prefer “the stately beauty of the Bluegrass Yacht and Country Club, with its lush and meticulously landscaped surroundings, [providing] an exemplary private club experience within a tasteful, elegant setting?”  Or would you rather “prepare and promote the general adoption of standards?”
Regardless of CSA’s preference, there is absolutely no excuse for a domestic regulator to have any international offices.  We live in the age of autocad and video conferencing but, ironically, in the days before autocad the CSA didn’t have all these offices.  So in the years when they might’ve needed these offices they didn’t have them, but now that they’re redundant they’re everywhere.  Why so?

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