Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Exploiting the Culture of Ignorance

I've been reading various blogs that are linked through the list/blogroll I keep here at OMMAG.

One interesting writer and commenter I like to check in on is the Neo-Neocon, who has hit upon a theme that is most relevant in today's social and political reality.

Keeping them dumb and happy?

My own take on the addiction to popular culture and celebrity worship has more to do with the effect of mass media, which exploits for entirely different reasons than the political left. However, the question that never gets answered is "What can reasonable conservatives do to fight the problem?".

For the left it is easy ... uninformed and intellectually stunted youth can be be manipulated because of who and what they are. The message is "Don't worry, you can have everything you want and you don't have to do anything that you don't want to do." This message gets reinforced with stroking from political messengers that says this is the cool and smart outlook and we are cool and smart just like you. The suckers get everything they need .... until reality sets in and by then all the damage has been done.

For the conservative it is a much more difficult task. This is because the victims of this society wide manipulation must first be clued in to the fact that they are being used as suckers. Of course just telling the suckers that they are being used results in defensive hostility to the messenger and any longer process of education gets diluted by the incessant bombardment of the media.

I am afraid that the only thing to do is let the dumbasses have it all .... and watch it all come crumbling down.



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