Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Unwary Relaxing at Home

I was in a good mood this morning. Relaxing with a coffee and my laptop I was caught off guard when someone knocked on the front door.

I was thinking that it was maybe another delivery for my internet shopping obsessed daughter, or maybe another bunch of flowers for my wife's never ending birthday. It could have been another city works employee to tell us they were cutting off the water to repair the broken mains again.

Nope, it was a guy in his going to church outfit and a fistful of pamphlets telling me that I was invited to a very important event.

Punked by the Jehovahs Witnesses!

For the record, I went to a JW Sunday school and summer camp as a kid. I've heard all the crap they have to offer and I figured out the bullshit before most of these door knocking, smarmy little pests were born. So Fuck Off.

You may have tricked me today but the net result for you is that you get wet and cold feet and hopefully fucking pneumonia. You are NOT getting any closer to buying your way into heaven when the rapture comes and you are not doing anything useful in the eyes of man or God.




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