Friday, April 11, 2014

A Bit of Bad News

So ... I was browsing through the news sites yesterday when I discovered that our former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty   passed away.

Very unfortunate .... especially considering that he was leaving politics to take on a private sector job and probably expected to enjoy being with his family and friends.

So ... going through the comments at Sun News what do I find?

It took all of three comments on the web  site for some clown to do a public display of  leftarded assholeness with a comment that went like this:

"Tough day for you conservatives. Both Flaherty and Brazeau sent to hell .... "

Too bad I did not get a screen shot of that one because the asshole later edited his post and tried to justify it by claiming some self righteous hatred of all politicians for "destroying our sovereignty".

It now seems that the entire post has been taken down by Sun News ....  I would have hoped that they would have used that as an example of the class of people who feel entitled to shit all over conservatives from anonymous personae in the internet.

Just another example of why I despise the so called progressives.



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