Monday, May 26, 2014

Seek Out Your Olde Friends ...

I spent the last week in my old stomping grounds reconnecting with some of the people that I have not been able to keep in touch with over the years.

The impetus for this trip to the hometown was another friend whose career has kept him traveling everywhere in the world except the place we grew up. We had been talking for years about setting some time to do a road trip to retrace parts of our path from the "there and then" to the "here and now". It came to pass that there was never likely going to be the golden opportunity we had hoped for. We settled for a fly in and a flurry of visiting rather than the leisurely trip down memory lane.

Regardless of the time constraints we did manage to get together with some of our closest old pals and everyone had a great time. I am grateful for this myself and the most rewarding thing is that all of us involved seem to be equally appreciative of the time spent reconnecting.

Here's to Olde Friends!



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