Thursday, June 26, 2014

Different Times?

Whenever someone makes the argument for some sort of social "change" being mandated or enforced through the edicts of government I am inclined to ask "To What End?".

Exactly when did this issue or that concern or some grievance of the mind become so important that all of society must pay attention NOW and take steps to amend our ways? How and when did we become so evil and uncaring?

The answers to these questions are irrelevant.

Why are they irrelevant?

Because the underlying premises that give rise to such questions are not based on any reality of our world but rather on the ideas and world views of venal grievance mongers whose methods are to pander to and inflame the the weak minded, self flagellating and perpetual misfits and malcontents of society.

Underlying each and every one of these calls for change is a failure that is not a failing of our society but failed ideas and individuals who cling to those ideas in desperation. Their desperate need is to seek accommodation from all of society rather than to deal with their own failings. To be sure, many of these sort view themselves as rebels or revolutionaries fighting for some ephemeral concept of justice. There is however nothing new or revolutionary about any of their thinking or actions.

For those of us who question the dogma of the malcontents or the motivation of panderers we are often told either that it is our views that are lacking depth and integrity or that we are simply living in "Different Times". Different times require different ways of doing things and different attitudes. Don't you know? It only follows then that we should adopt the views of those who reject the successful foundational ideas that actually allowed our society to grow and prosper! RIGHT?


The only thing different about these times we live in and any other time is that the voices of the malcontents and the rabble that they influence have been on the ascending path. They shout louder and complain more bitterly while otherwise good and reasonable people cringe and look the other way. Those of us (with few exceptions) who should be strong enough to say "ENOUGH" are distracted and unwilling to engage the lunatic ranters. Those who should be supporting honesty strength and character are trying to keep out of the way.

None of that is fundamentally different from any other time in our modern Western Culture.
It is just the same old shit being shoveled from the Aegean stables. The job is never done and it never changes. There is no Herculean solution. There is only the work of keeping the streets clean and the foundations of the world free from the undermining vermin.

The foundational priorities of our society were never wrong. They are the basis for success and prosperity for all. The only people who dispute this are perpetual misfits who never will be satisfied.

Times change they say! And the more they change the more they remain the same.


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