Thursday, January 26, 2006

Media Alert!

Watch out for the "New Urban Myth" being concocted by our Mainstream Media Mutton Heads!

What is it?

Well......Apparently the 'Pundits' are claiming and repeating as though it were a fact that "One result of the recent federal election is that Canada is obviously broken down the lines of Rural Versus Metropolitan cultures in politics!"

What is obvious is that This is of course complete BS! This is nothing more than self serving and simple minded analysis of our culture by people who have no legitimacy in the area!

Using the premise that election results show strong Liberal and NDP support in the Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal central urban ridings that this is "Proof" of such a social/political split. IT AINT SO! As in most nations across the globe Most Cities are much smaller than these larger Canadian metropolii and the majority of Canadians do live in Cities! Not to mention the fact that conservative voters increased significantly in these same urban locals.

So whatever the motivation behind this latest fabrication of our MSM don't let it fool you!
Canadians may be divided in their political affiliations but there is NO "Them vs Us" thing between urban and rural citizens!

What this Giant Load of Crap does for the MSM is offer any number of ways to spin and fabricate fake issues and conspiracy theories. And you can bet that if this idea gets any traction there will be lots of both!

Read Noam Chomsky, Manufacturing Consent
Read Robert Hughes, Culture of Complaint

the link below take you to archived posts with a Post on Reading for the Critical Thinker.


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