Friday, March 31, 2006

Lets Put The Boot to Some Media Myths!

Our Canadian media.....

Our Canadian Media have been writhing in an orgy of self pity over the recent establishment of some “New Rules of Conduct” at the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa.

If we were to believe “Them”, our new Prime Minister has cheated them out of “Their Self Described and Self Assumed Right” to impose themselves on ministers and cabinet whenever and wherever they feel like it. And according to them government are “Acting in Secret” because they are not playing the media game the way the media wants! Well let me just lay out a few facts about matter.

Ø Government Answers to the PUBLIC in the Commons during Parliament and anyone can sit in the galleries to hear the elected Members ask and answer on behalf of the electorate ( That’s You and ME !)

Ø The press/media has NO entrenched or special rights to access the parliament other than the same rights that you and I and every other Canadian Citizen have.

Ø The Members have NO special obligation to speak to the media at any time.

Ø The Parliament and the caucus meeting rooms are the place of business where OUR elected representatives are supposed to be conducting the Business of running the Nation on Our Behalf.

Ø The Parliament and grounds Are NOT a stage from which media persons are provided a venue to perform at the taxpayers expense.

Ø Regardless of what has been done in the past, there is NO requirement of government or anyone else to make special accommodations for media.

Ø In fact, if the government wanted to they could ban the media from the Parliament grounds on the basis of “Nuisance”. If you doubt this just go and make a nuisance of yourself by crowding and yelling and generally acting like an ass. You will find yourself removed by security very quickly!

No folks, what the Media are doing is Nothing more than WHINING about being reminded that they do not hold special privilege and that they are not “Entitled to Their Entitlements” as so many capital elitist and political sycophants seem to believe.

Perhaps if the press corps and media in general behaved More Professionally and at least made an effort to show some ethics they would deserve more respect. As things stand they deserve NONE!


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