Thursday, December 07, 2006

Computer Maintenance Morning!

Cleaning up the drives today afforded time to either make phone calls and chase the dollar OR do something I seldom have the stomach for....Watch TV news!

First up: Local Cable news feed with a voice track....Some twit going on about the SSM debate with the comment that the institution of same sex marriage is the equivalent of Womens Suffrage or the abolishment of slavery! Yeah Right..............
Next: CTV NewsNet Live broadcast of the Commission (Arrar Inquiry).....Observe Stockwell Day responding to Mark Holland...calling Holland out on the BS he's been dishing and really getting in a good dig. Pompous Posturing Holland goes into a tirade in an apparent emulation of Ted Kennedy...Too bad the Chairman cut him off...I'm sure he was going to sink himself....But Good!
Next: CBC more of the surprise!
Next: CNN - Bush and Blair in front of the Media...GW Gives a good lecture on What's Really Important to airhead reporters. Reporters continue to act like they've been living on another planet............
Next: ROB TV......Lots of inconsequential blather about hedge funds, trusts, tax and a couple of Exec's doing their best sales pitch to investors........ courtesy of Bell Globemedia! Bridgette Anderson is pretty cool ....but I'm beginning to get really tired of Kevin O'Leary is really getting on my nerves....Hey Kevin your not the only freekin' investor in the country! And BTW _ I'll bet my portfolio has outperformed yours over the last year!

But that's all the time and patience available for the Boob Toob.....

Update.....CP News release Headline :Ontario can't cut taxes without more federal funds: Finance minister
TORONTO (CP) - Finance Minister Greg Sorbara says underfunding from Ottawa is keeping Ontario from cutting taxes.

Yep the Mighty Province of Ontario Under the Personality of the Year McGuinty and his minister of finding new ways to waste taxpayers money Sorba think that the ROC should be subsidizing their incompetence!!

My word to you two .... Clowns!

Update: The(Arrar) Commission questions Stockwell Day..who clearly answers all questions...
And takes commission members to task for their stupidity, Ignorance and mindless repetition is Clearly the Only Upright person in the room. He elicits a mouth foaming rant from the posturing Mark Holland who gets His Ass saved by the chairman cutting him off...
This is How Canadian Press reports it :
"Day refuses to answer committee questions on Zaccardelli departure..."

OTTAWA (CP) - Once again the questions of "what did you know" and "when did you know it" are the focus on Parliament Hill.

But this time it's Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day who's dodging the bullet.

What does it take for these MSM jackasses to report the truth?

I watched the damned event live and in no way shape or form does this CP report describe what was going on!


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Blogger molarmauler said...

CTV's first headline was...

Day calls Arar affair tragic but refuses to apologize

then replaced by

RCMP chief never lied about Arar affair: Day

Both try to paint Day in a bad light and, I agree with you, do not represent what happened in committee. I am looking for video on the news tonight which will likely only show Holland asking 'the tough questions' or the other twerp who was waving a paper accusing Day of joking about the affair and calling Arar a terrorist.

BTW, Day looked very comfortable in French. That surprised me.
Day won a lot of points today with anyone watching but lost points with people seeing things through the filter of the media.

12/07/2006 1:40 p.m.  
Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

What's Really Important to airhead reporters. ....exactly dude! conservative stations,,it'll keep your blood pressure

12/07/2006 1:49 p.m.  
Blogger PGP said...

Can't just watch the stuff you agree with..need to keep an eye on these self righteous creeps who want to make the issues instead of reporting them.

12/07/2006 3:04 p.m.  

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