Sunday, December 31, 2006

Vista Could be The End of MicroSquish

With a Hat/Tip to SDA......This Kicker for the year 2007.....I was thinking of posting it for YearEnd 2006 but why go out on a bitter note!!

Thanks to Catprint in the Mash

Microsoft Windows Vista is built to restrict your freedom of choice and use of your own personal property.

Do Not Buy It......Do Not Install It if you get a new computer...refuse to accept it if a vendor tries to force it on you!

If you do use this software you are a FOOL !

The makes the point that the MS Content Protection is excessive and that the Specification Document is the equivalent of a Suicide Note published by MS.

The real issue is that MS is once again using it's market dominance to impose it's will on unsuspecting consumers.
Time for another anti-trust action against Mr. Gates and his partners I'd say.

Certainly time to BOYCOTT the new product!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That should be Catprint in the ""Mash""

1/02/2007 12:46 p.m.  
Blogger PGP said...

annon...thanks I fixed it!

1/02/2007 1:53 p.m.  

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