Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hat's Off to Kim Walker - May you walk in peace and freedom!

Yorkton SK resident, Kim Walker shot and killed his drug addicted teenager's dealer boyfriend and likely pimp!

Good for him.....now let's get the sham trial over with let Kim get back to his life.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't agree with you. I'm not denying that there would be an extreme rage behind a father having found out his daughter was using drugs. This would anger any man to the point of irational thought. I think the wrong here is his inability to inhibit himself from such action. He shot a young man. He shot in 5 times, once in the back. No dought that James was doing bad things, he was a known drug dealer and had been convicted of such. Many people use drugs at one point or another in their lifes. To the others that didn't, i'm glad for you, you were never exposed to them at a certain point in your life. The point in your life that you will do anything to get ahead, and anything to make money and get by. Back to point.
I still beleive that Kim Walkers actions were carefully thought out and executed. He armed himself, traveled to James Hayward's house and forced his way in. At this point, he then proceded to push his daughter out of the way and fire 5 shots. He was in the house no longer than a minute and James was dead. This left no time for an argument, an exchange of foul words, there was barly time for James to tell Walker to leave. After james was shot repeatedly, once in the back, Kim walked to the next door neighbors and told them, to call the police. If he says he "dosen't remeber arming himself, getting his daughter out of the way, empting his gun, and walking next door to make sure the police were called" then how does a "tempolarily insane" person plan all this out and then carefully execute it with all rhis precesion? This is my veiw on the topic having known James hayward. Not "James Hayward the drug dealer" like the guys on the news say, the James Hayward that lost his job to come pick me up when i was stranded and scared. He was a good person, he just made a few bad desisions. Along with Kim Walker, they both made some huge mistakes. Now James is dead, Walker has lived free these 3 years, and him and his family are all fine. What is the headlines read "Young man killed by gun finatic father"? This might sway people opinions in a different direction when they first hear about this case on tv. It's just looking at it from the other guys point of veiw.

1/17/2007 6:47 p.m.  
Blogger PGP said...

Thanks for your comment anon....

It's all bad and no good is to come of it!
Unless maybe Walker's daughter gets her life sorted out.

I still think the trial was a waste of time but that's irrelevant since
Walker was tried and sentenced.

I do not buy his claims of acting without volition either. I believe that he went there to do exactly what he did.

But if I was able to I would set him free.

The point in your life where you will do anything to make money is the point where you show the world your true self. Are you honest and decent? Or, are you self absorbed and willing to cause grief to others to get what you want?

This nice guy victim made his choice and things happened because of that choice . I have known people like this as well...while they would go out of their way to help someone when they could yet god forbid that same recipient of charity ever get between the dog and his bones!

So James Hayward screwed with someone who would not stand for it and would risk everything to put an end to it. It would just as easily ended up being another drug dealer and that would also be a likely eventuality.

Regardless of whether he spends time in prison I'll bet that Walker would never ever shoot anyone again no matter what.

Yet if Hayward was alive he'd still be doing "Whatever He Had To" to get what he wanted.

The unfortunate thing is that Walker found it necessary to go after Hayward at all....it should have been the Police and it should have been done long ago. Why was it not done through the justice system?

My sympathies are still with Walker..he'll do his penance and time in prison but he too has lost the life that he once had. Things will never be the same for him either.

1/25/2007 9:15 p.m.  

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