Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Meddling Nurse Nannys Are at It Again

These people are a plague on our society...never satisfied with the havoc they have wrought to date they endlessly search for new ways to justify their existence through lecturing and imposing their twisted sensibilities and self righteous claims to know what is best for us all.

I wish them a painful and not too distant death!

.... TORONTO (CP) - " Canadian children are being exposed to far too much violence in music lyrics, video games and on television and need to be protected by laws similar to those that restrict the sale of tobacco to minors, a coalition of teachers and parents said Wednesday..."

Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation spearheads new assault on what is supposed to be the responsibility of PARENTS ....but we all know you can't trust mere parents to decide what's best for junior now can you?

We've been hearing this same baloney for the same meddling busybodies for as long as I can remember! And the bottom line is always the same for the kids ...... When the parents are not doing their job the kids suffer.

That being said..... In no way shape or form does this justify the intrusion of the likes of the OSSTF into the lives of the public.

But I guess that's too much to ask of the same bunch that just passed a resolution to Censure Israel for Oppression of Palestinians? Yep It was!

That's the problem with meddling busybody asshats...they just don't know when to shut up and mind their own damned business!

Some Highlights:

- age-based restrictions on music sales, similar to existing systems that prevent underaged consumers from obtaining inappropriate movies and video games.

- controls that would prevent radio and television stations from airing violent content before 9 p.m.

- cigarette packs now carry large and graphic warnings about the dangers of smoking, Where are the warnings on the many forms of media violence readily accessible by children?

- cited decades of "clear and compelling" evidence that he said illustrates the long-lasting negative impact of violent media on children,

- "Viewing entertainment violence can lead to increases in aggressive attitudes, values and behaviour, particularly in children,"

In addition to the music classification system and changes to the Broadcasting Act, the coalition also called on the federal government to amend the Criminal Code to add women to the list of groups that are protected under the section prohibiting public incitement of hatred.

"We believe that leaving girls and women off the list compromises their safety," Kimberley-Young said.

"Recommendations to add "sex" or "gender" to the groups protected by the public incitement of hatred law have been on the table for at least 20 years now."

"There's a different reality today, and we're asking for people to take a sober, second look at it," he said. "Clearly there are going to be test cases, and wrestling may be one where hopefully society will say those images are no longer acceptable."

The DIFFERENT reality is the warped space between your ears Professor Jaffe!

Oh! By the way the good Professor Jaffe has made himself available for many other moonbat pronouncements such as defending weak laws and opposing incarceration for criminals while supporting even more restrictive gun laws.


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