Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What The Socialist Environmentalists Don't Tell You!

There's an Interesting Piece at DMB by Lisa on the Unintended Consequences of socialists implementing their Environmental plans!

ht/ to DustMy Broom SDA and their sources.....( click the link or the title above )

I have some direct experience dealing with the ecological and environmental fallout from the Palm Oil industry in Indonesia and can attest to the extent of the destruction and the scope of effort that will be required to remediate the problems.

The proponents of bio-fuel use have constantly ignored the consequences of taking and consuming bio-mass. The results are virtual devastation of the source regions for a temporary boon to the local economy.
But of course the ‘commissars’ of the left wing environment directorates can claim to be successful until these consequences are made known.

As for the likes of Mark Fenn and organizations like the Worldwide Fund they are essentially modern day Luddites who’s aim is to destroy the “machinery” of the modern world without any regard to the consequences.
They all think that their childish vision of a utopian world populated by an egalitarian panopoly would evolve.

Most of these twerps would not last a year in the world that would really exist if their ideas were ever implemented on a broad scale.

Moonbats and Asshats!


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