Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Voice of Reason? - On Iran it's A Rare thing in Germany!

H/T to David's Medienkritik - A well informed and thoughtful essay on an issue that has global implications.

"With Business Savvy into Catastrophe"

"Germany and Iran: First comes trade, then morals. By Matthias Kuentzel"

Germany has had a lot to say about US morality! But what do they have to say about their own?

Hypocrisy abounds in the Euro-Sphere as socialist media fogs the perception of the population and socialist politicos persist in trumpeting the tired rhetoric of anti-Americanism.

It's a circus for sure with plenty of clowns, smarmy midway hucksters, pickpockets, low down thieves, an abundance of freaks and a variety of credulous suckers to fleece.

Europe - a pile of crap circling the porcelain bowl of History and ready to drag Us down with it!


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