Monday, May 07, 2007

The Election Trail has some Baffling Signs!

On the NDP election campaign signs you may notice that the bottom has MGEU printed on it.
Are we supposed to be electing the MGEU? Perhaps this is an indication of exactly who we are supporting when we support the NDP!

Isn't it interesting how the changes to the elections act for Manitoba that would have put greater constraints on labor groups contributions to political parties never got enacted?

Of course I guess the unions are Free to support the Conservatives! ( he said with the tongue firmly planted in the cheek!)

Other reports of CUPE members receiving NDP propaganda in their pay statements seem to be accurate. And it is still legal for Unions to STEAL their members dues to use as political funds!

Maybe the Dippers should just come clean and run on the platform of "A Vote for The NDP is a Vote for Organized Labor" !!


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