Friday, May 04, 2007

Honey I'm Home!

With the Warm Spring Weather comes an urge to indulge in golden things!
The sunshine in the back garden perhaps and something delicious and refreshing to pass the time with!

Fuller's Organic Honey Dew
May BEE just the thing !

This is an interesting beer that advertises all natural and organically grown ingredients.
The kicker is the Honey that is added to the brewing process and not surprisingly contributes to a complex and rewarding brew.

First off is that moment when the top is first pried off. A gentle pop in this case with a little bubbly action in the bottle.
The beer pours out a clean and brilliant golden hue with a clarity that is rare and pleasing.
She produces a nice white froth on the the top of the glass and a steady stream of effervescence.

The nose is definitely different from other beers. It's a bit earthy and reminiscent of pastures and I guess clover and hay. There's flowery hops and a bit of yeastiness along with some hint of malt. I suppose that some may find the aroma citrus and maybe banana like. But I'm going to say it has a lot of the farm yard and country meadow to it! You could almost call it pungent but not unpleasant.

Up and over she goes for the taste buds to ponder. And, it's more surprises still!

With a bit of early tartness that goes away quickly to settle into a pleasing smooth and creamy taste of malts and that clover meadow overtone. This golden treat passes with a slight lingering sweet aftertaste that leaves a clean sensation on the palate and encourages further indulgence.

It's a good beer I say!


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