Monday, May 07, 2007

On The Campaign Trail!

After a wet weekend we still managed to get a significant amount of door knocking done and letter drops in the Riel constituency.

Some Comments From the Riding:

"I'm a decided voter and a I don't want to say who I'm decided for! But it's not the NDP or the Liberals!" Thanks!

"We vote conservative! These NDP are good for nothing you know I work in health care and these people are doing nothing to help! Nothing! They are no good!" That's what I call an educated voter!

" Get off my property! I don't even want to hear it! " Well, he did have an NDP sign on his lawn! Got to love those open minded and well informed union guys!

" Thanks for stopping by! We're not decided but we need to know what your party is going to do about health care!" You are very welcome. And, we're going to start by getting the bureaucrats at the Regional Health Care Administration out of the way! After that we're going to start paying doctors so they stay here instead of leaving.

" I'm self employed, I run my own business! Can you believe that these idiots want to make employers pay for traffic offenses that employees commit while operating company vehicles?
What kind of sh*t for brains BS is that?" Exactly!

" Doer says he's going to get tough on offenders? After 10 years of nothing and things getting worse this is what he tells us now?" Yep!

" Well I'm an NDP supporter but I'm going to consider your people this time!" Thanks!

" It's the system that's all screwed up! Who's going to change that?" Well, start by making an intelligent voting choice. Kick out the incumbents and see what happens! You can always fire the next one too if you don't like how things turn out!

Let's get this show on the road!

BTW - How many of you NDP supporters bought into the Crocus fund because your union reps told you it was a good idea? How many lost money? You think Garry and The Dippers told you the truth? Are you planning on making any more investments based on advice from union flunkies??




Anonymous fergy said...

Sounds like progress!

5/07/2007 9:44 p.m.  

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