Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Long Weekend Rain - Boredom!

From the images collection at the Burning Man website

I was wondering as I meander around the web and bloggosphere what will these people be willing to give up in the pursuit of the utopian dream of stopping anthropomorphic CO2 growth!?
*The Burning Man*

What Is Burning Man? Well! You should look into it by clicking on the links here!

But, I will offer my assessment:

1) Burning man is a cool kind of freedom celebration that began as a disorganized congregation of old style modern artists, old time hippies and new age spiritualists. Or just a good excuse for an anything goes party out in the desert and away from the eyes of the square and uncool mainstream of America!

2) Burning man has become a successful annual event with sponsorship and all kinds of commercial undertakings that still makes a good showcase for free thinking artist types and an assortment of colourful folks to indulge in personal free expression and showcase their art lifestyle homogeny.

3) It's a party in the dessert that combines all the elements of the 60's "LoveIns" "Be-Ins" and such "Happenings"! Beat generation sensibility and a hodgepodge of new age ideas in a un-judgemental friendly communal style environment! Woodstock without the bands! Although there are plenty of performers. A huge "Rave"! And a massive Art Installation Event featuring massive pyrotechnics!

Now do not get me wrong about this! I like the concept and if I get the chance to go I'll get there some day! (At least as soon as I can organize my cohort of nubile young female acolytes)

But here's what has me puzzled! This is a crowd that almost universally lives and breaths the dogma of the APC theocrats and yet they persist in undertaking an event that relies on a huge amount of fossil fuel consumption! Sure there will be some bio-fuel engines in play as transportation or electrical generation. Probably some wind mills to created power. For sure a number of solar cell arrays!

But the need and desire for refrigeration, air-conditioning, ice making ( or keeping ) along with cooking and heating are going to be satisfied primarily by gas or diesel generation. And let's not forget the nightly campfires that will be abundant. Nor the final orgiastic celebration of the pyre of the Burning Man!

Man Oh Man! That's lot of anthropomorphic CO2 generating combustion!! I guess if your intentions are in the right sphere of ideology it's all ok!

OH! BTW - This years theme is The Green Man !
Irony Indeed!

OMMAG ( And they have Beer )

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