Friday, May 04, 2007

Swing Riding! - On the Campaign Trail

The local folks sure are coming around! It's time to change they say .... "Ten years is long enough and these people have had their chance to prove themselves."

"Since we're paying their salaries it's our right to expect them to be responsible and they never have been yet. Time to fire them!"

While the grinning Garry Do-Little opens his magic bag to produce another set of empty promises and phony proclamations our invisible sitting MLA Christine Melnick continues to be MIA from the riding!
How is it that a person who comes to our community claiming to be one of us and so concerned about being part of our neighborhood has been seldom seen over the course of two terms?
Is because she is SO BUSY? Well I guess if running and hiding from responsibility can be considered a fair use of our time paid for by our tax dollars.

Stay invisible Chrissy we won't miss you when you are gone!




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