Monday, June 11, 2007

All Lefty All Moonbat All Activist - All The Time!

I was set to go off on certain individuals in the MSM since last weeks "Coverage" of the G8 summit in Germany. But the amount of crap that was generated in the MSM over that few days of economic leadership and politicking is just too great.
Every outlet in Canada has taken every opportunity to bring the events there back home with their own special brand of lefty anti-conservative spin and hyperbole.

From acting as shills for the personality cultists and pop-celebrity activists to misreporting facts and statements. From manufacturing or attempting to manufacture controversy to selectively choosing bits of information and completely ignoring huge volumes of highly pertinent substantive information. While seeking out every activist, political hack, crackpot and two bit media whore. While providing very little of substance from the actual conference and it's attendees.....
Groups like AP, Reuters and CP along with the network stringers from the likes of CBC and the rest of the usual suspects were hard at work to do anything they possibly could to make the leaders look bad. Bush derangement syndrome is still running rampant and our own PM Harper gets smeared with that at every opportunity.

I'm just fed up and appalled at the blatant agenda driven reporting.

Take This:


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Blogger genslub3 said...

right on,

Hence why I don't watch TV.

6/13/2007 6:38 a.m.  

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