Monday, June 04, 2007

Canadian Press - Does it Again!

Why is this even being printed?

From today's CP releases:
Harper denies claim that Canada blocking African aid
commitment at G8 summit

at 15:40 on June 4, 2007, EST.

BERLIN (CP) - Prime Minister Stephen Harper has rejected allegations by anti-poverty campaigner Bob Geldof that Canada is blocking an African aid commitment at a summit of the Group of Eight countries.

Harper, who is in Germany on the eve of the summit, says the allegations are false.

He was reacting to comments by the Irish rocker-turned-activist that Canada was trying to wreck a major G8 aid package for Africa.

Harper says Canada is on the right track to honour a pledge to double aid to Africa by 2010.

That pledge was made by G8 leaders during a summit in Scotland two years ago.

┬ęThe Canadian Press, 2007

  • Why do CP editors continue to pursue this kind of reporting?

  • AND ..... Since when does the Prime Minister of Canada answer to pompous European pop singers??

Right On Que - Look who's jumping on the Bandwagon!



No word yet from CBC but when the boys & girls on Front St. get back from their coffee break I'm sure they'll get right on it!


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