Thursday, June 28, 2007

Give Me a Freekin Break!

As I wander (wonder?) around the news sites today I am simply astounded by the amount of BS and the depth of ignorance to be found!
But the one BIG thing that has got my attention is our Commie Provincial government's pitiful excuse for protecting the public from car thieves.
Instead of actually prosecuting and removing criminals they have taken the usual socialist route by imposing draconian regulations on the consumer and property owner.
By mandating that selected vehicle owners will be forced to modify their vehicles by the installation of anti-theft immobilizers the provincial Government has done nothing to address crime as it claims to be doing. Instead, the measure will protect the crown corporation from losses due to rampant criminal activity that remains unchecked!
While insisting on the use of government approved devices installed by government approved installers to satisfy the wishes of the government mandated insurer and applying the law ONLY to those of us who have committed the SIN of living or working in the City of Winnipeg and having the audacity to own and drive a vehicle that happens to be coveted by car thieves ........this measure removes any semblance of free choice in what services we get to have as consumers and makes a mockery of the principal justice.

So those who argue that we all share the cost of these thefts by way of MPI being a public trust are quick to justify this kind of Government intervention as being for the greater good.
I say this is just the thin edge of the socialist wedge that will continue to work it's way into the lives of Manitobans thanks to the ideology of the Socialist demagogues and meddlers on Broadway!



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