Monday, June 04, 2007

A Letter from Robert Russo of CP

In regard to the previous post I sent an e-mail to CP about the "Gotcha Journalism" that I so often see practiced by CP. ( Others as well )

Ok Great ! And thanks for answering! But, doesn't it strike you as odd that you hear this from all sides? That it's not a phenomenon that happens because you are biased but a uniform perception of your journalism!

Now I don't know about how you see it but isn't there just a little bit of IRONY in this response?
(Emphasis by me)

"Thank you for your note."

"Your suggestion that we indulge in `gotcha journalism' is one we hear from time to time from Conservatives when the Conservative party is in power, and from Liberals when the Liberals are in power. If you have specific examples of you would like me to address, I would be happy to do so."
Ok .... now I've been reading papers for about 50 years and this is nothing new. Even with a focus on the last 2 or so years when I've been observing and commenting on this BLOG there are so many examples. Most of the time I just ignore it and forget it. But, this raises a challenge to me that I find interesting. How do you go about researching for examples of "Gotcha" in the news? The Logistics of this are a huge challenge. SO what can I say? Unless a person devotes endless time chronicling examples such as this is there any way to quickly search data bases to give this type of profile in stories? Nope!
And I'm pretty sure that Mr. Russo is well aware of that.

"I disagree with your contention that the prime minister's response to Geldof doesn't constitute news. But that might merely be a subjective matter. What might be a little more comprehensive is our coverage from the G8."

Umhmm! I don't know haw many stories Mr. Panetta filed but I do know that the ONE Example provided by Mr. Russo is not so impressive. The article he gave me links to was the one about Harper's address to the Business representatives in Berlin about climate change strategies. It was fairly neutral as opposed to what I commonly find in regard to inferences and context that as often as not puts the PM into a negative association with regard to popular memes in the MSM. BUT that's not what I'm posting this about.
In this case, the story about what a Pompous Pop Celebrity says, is not a story about the Prime Minister -- That is unless you make one. IMO running messages to the PM on behalf of Attention seeking Celebrities is just a form of pandering.
Which IN this case happens to be the one I'm talking about.

"In answer to your question, there is much more we reported from Germany. In case you missed it, I've appended the following links from a variety of websites that featured Alex Panetta's other stories from Germany." OK An as in singular OTHER Story apparently!

"Thanks for reading The Canadian Press. We hope you continue to do so, and we hope to hear from you again." <> &k=15964 <> &k=15964

Robert Russo
Ottawa Bureau Chief
The Canadian PressC
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Last 2 sentences Bud.
Who are leftist?

6/05/2007 9:14 p.m.  
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I'll bite! Who?

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