Friday, June 01, 2007

They Used To Call It - Silly Season!

When the world seems to populated by lunatics and fools. When everything you read in the press or hear on the radio or see on TV has that surreal slant to it that makes you wonder just what the hell is going on. When every whacked out conspiracy is being given way more attention than it ever deserved. And especially when there are precious few people taking a sane or logical approach to the current events that are being reported, discussed or promoted in the MSM.

That's what my parents used to call "Silly Season"!

Today in the Winnipeg Sun columnist Stephen Ripley has a comment or two about the recent events held by former TV producer Barry Zwicker!

Now I saw Zwicker on our local SHAW TV cable access program promoting some book he wrote and getting a somewhat credulous reception by our young hostess who was plainly over her head with the bombastic self promoter and conspiracy theorist.

Zwicker has a theory that most reporters and media types along with the general public have an inability to look a the world critically! That our conception of whatever event takes place is permanently molded into our psyche by the first context and set of connections and reason we are presented with.
He goes on to provide the illuminating idea that in the case of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the US the "news" information was orchestrated by nefarious government groups to initiate this process of "Shaping" or spinning the story.

How very convenient that his personal little theory of information management and human cognition can be so simply used to support his other theories of massive conspiracy!
Of course by his logic anyone who dismisses or questions his assertions will automatically be cast as one of the victims of manipulation who are categorically incapable of seeing the Truth!

It's exactly the same approach taken by liberal elitists who wish to mould opinion and fabricate consent for their utopian world views. The same as the likes of Al Gore or David Suzuki. The same as the doomsday cultists who con their followers into self destruction. The same as Scientologist or the Moonies or any of a host of others who first need to instill self doubt in their marks, victims and devotees, then proceed to indoctrinate them with the "Counter" POV as dictated by the perpetrators! Those who succumb to this manipulation invariably come to believe that they have experienced a revelation in the way they see the world. They become converts, acolytes true believers who will never again be swayed by facts or logic that run counter to the "Given" truths of their messiah!

Therein lies the irony and hypocrisy of the Zwickers of this world! While they rail against the establishment as being the manipulators they seek to do the same under the guise of enlightenment!

They hold the ordinary individual's ability to observe and draw conclusions about the world on their own merit in complete contempt and hold themselves up as an elite who bear the right to think and speak on behalf of the simple population.

Whether Zwicker actually believes what he promotes or is cynically engaged in the promotion of himself and his book really does not matter.
Barry Zwicker holds no special insight into any truth in any matter of public import.
IMO - just another self important liberal media parasite that's been breathing his own fumes for far too long.

As to the sheer number of such charletains promoting whatever twisted POV for the moment it's only Silly Season!


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